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Belgium’s FSMA Flags Dozens of New Fraudulent Online Trading Firms

Belgium's FSMA Flags Dozens of New Fraudulent Trading Platforms


Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has issued a stark warning against a number of new fraudulent trading platforms that have recently surfaced online.

The FSMA highlighted a list of platforms including 4xai, BFTCapitals/BFTCapitalspro, Bitlet,, and others, cautioning investors to steer clear of these companies.

These platforms, as per the FSMA, employ various deceptive tactics to lure unsuspecting investors through methods including fake news articles mentioning celebrities, online advertisements, or fake social media accounts

The financial watchdog also highlighted a common tactic used by such firms to entice individuals, utilizing false promises of exorbitant returns in a short period. However, the FSMA emphasized that such claims often far exceed realistic gains.

In light of this, the FSMA strongly advised investors to exercise utmost caution when engaging in investment activities. It urges individuals to diligently verify the identity of companies and ensure that they possess the necessary authorization before making any payments.

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