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BizCuits Integrates DXtrade Platform for CFD brokers and Prop Firms

BizCuits Integrates DXtrade Platform for CFD brokers and Prop Firms

Press Release

BizCuits, a versatile vendor offering a spectrum of trading and risk management tools, IT solutions, customer service, payments processing, and marketing solutions for the Forex and CFD industry, has integrated DXtrade CFD, the trading platform developed by Devexperts for brokers and prop firms.

Devexperts, a well-known software development company specializing in trading platforms and exchange solutions, was established in 2002 and has developed over 85 technology applications for the financial industry.

BizCuits’ solution provides a plug-and-play model for brokers, featuring live chat and a chatbot, a knowledge base, AML monitoring, KYC, marketing and advertising, payments processing, CRM, and prop trading.

The newly integrated DXtrade platform offers built-in trading journals, performance dashboards, responsive charting, a modern user interface, and mobile trading apps for Android and iOS.

Tristan Agius, Chief Executive Officer at BizCuits, remarked: “Our objective is simple: to equip brand owners with the tools and operational capacity needed to handle day-to-day operations so they can concentrate on growth. Collaborating closely with our partners, we aim to foster a relationship of mutual partnership and support as we aid in expanding their businesses.”

Reid Fenech, Head of Trading at BizCuits, stated: “In addition to these services, BizCuits optimizes profits and manages risk in brokerage and prop firm operations. With a skilled team of analysts and traders overseeing activities such as account monitoring, proprietary trading, and customer segmentation, we effectively manage trading complexities and maintain precise bookkeeping, enabling our partners to operate safely and flexibly while we mitigate trading risks.”

Jon Light, Head of OTC Platform at Devexperts, commented: ‘’The team at BizCuits has collaborated with several DXtrade clients over the past few years. They offer a unique service that addresses a crucial aspect of broker or prop firm operations. With firms increasingly seeking expedited setups, clients adopting both offerings can now access their platform faster while ensuring professional risk management.”

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