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CFI Takes Flight: Elevating MENA Presence with Five Strategic Airline Collaborations

CFI takes flight: Elevating MENA presence with five strategic airline collaborations


CFI, the region’s leading online trading provider, proudly unveiled a series of high-profile advertising agreements with some of MENA’s leading commercial airliners, including Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, and Middle East Airlines (MEA).

This strategic alignment with leading carriers amplifies CFI’s commitment to revolutionizing MENA’s trading landscape and solidifying its position as the region’s top online trading destination. Several of the agreements are already active, with additional rollouts expected shortly.

With these agreements come prominent branding rights for CFI, including having its ‘Be One Step Ahead’ TVC aired across all flights operated by these airlines, extending the group’s reach across a broader audience, and expanding its visibility both on the ground and above the clouds.

Hisham Mansour, Co-founder and Managing Director of CFI commented:

“Aligning with five of the region’s top airlines, globally recognized for their excellence, signifies more than a milestone for CFI—it’s a bold statement from our region to the world. These alliances enable us to project our innovative brand voice globally, utilizing their world-class platforms to amplify our commitment to technology, innovation, and exceptional service. This strategic move not only enhances our visibility but also broadcasts our message from MENA to an international audience.”

Beyond branding, these agreements offer significant benefits around market growth and financial education. Through these collaborations, CFI aims to promote financial literacy and empower traders throughout the region, highlighting CFI as the ultimate destination for trading proficiency and empowerment.

With these strategic airline advertising agreements, CFI reinforces its leadership in MENA, bolstering its presence alongside high-profile sponsorships like the Saudi Super Cup finals in Abu Dhabi and the FIBA WASL Final 8 in Doha. Internationally, partnerships with football clubs such as Sheffield United, Paris Saint-Germain, and AC Milan extend CFI’s global reach. These ties exemplify CFI’s commitment to excellence and innovation, positioning the brand prominently on the global stage.

With a focus on extending its brand reach and enhancing MENA’s trading landscape, the group’s new list of airline collaborations allows more people than ever to take off with CFI and land at the center of trading excellence, empowering traders and investors alike throughout their journey. – Real-time Forex News and the latest trading updates.

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