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Chinese CFD broker EBC Financial Announces FC Barcelona Sponsorship

Chinese CFD broker EBC Financial Announces FC Barcelona Sponsorship

EBC Financial Group, a Chinese CFDs broker, and FC Barcelona have announced a new partnership in the foreign exchange sector across multiple regions for a duration of 3.5 years. The collaboration designates EBC as FC Barcelona’s official Partner in Foreign Exchange, extending coverage to regions including APAC, LATAM, the Middle East, and Africa.

Operated by EBC Group, EBC Financial has a global presence, with its main operations based in Hong Kong and China. The company holds licensed subsidiaries in the UK and Australia, as well as offshore entities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the Cayman Islands. Its primary focus is on serving traders from China and other Far East regions, and it is led by Chinese national Qin Huazheng.

The agreement between EBC and FC Barcelona underscores the global appeal and brand recognition of LaLiga football in general, and FC Barcelona in particular. Notably, this follows a recent deal where leading online broker Exness became the LaTam regional partner of LaLiga, signaling Exness’ expansion plans in Latin America.

Both parties have hailed this partnership as a significant milestone for EBC, aligning the brand with FC Barcelona’s esteemed legacy and global influence. The exclusive agreement grants EBC the privilege to engage in specialized business activities within the foreign exchange domain, including foreign exchange transactions, trading, brokering (including CFDs), and advisory services.

Through this collaboration, EBC aims to leverage FC Barcelona’s rich cultural heritage and passionate fanbase to foster meaningful engagement and establish a lasting presence in key regions, reaching out to new audiences beyond traditional market boundaries. This initiative also aligns with FC Barcelona’s global expansion strategy, aimed at cultivating connections with a diverse, global community.

A ceremonial signing event to commemorate this milestone between the Club and EBC will be held at the revamped Spotify Camp Nou at a later date.

Samuel Hertz, APAC Director of Operations at EBC Financial Group, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the shared values of growth and excellence between EBC and FC Barcelona. He stated, “Even though EBC is only four years old, we’ve only grown because we demand the best from ourselves and the industry. We’ve delved deep into FC Barcelona’s storied history, learning from their culture of mentorship where the experienced guide the new, and the new inspire the younger, creating a continuum of growth and excellence.”

David Barrett, CEO of EBC Financial Group (UK) Limited, highlighted the significance of partnering with FC Barcelona, underscoring EBC’s commitment to achieving the highest levels of success. He added, “Being able to forge a partnership with such a strong and respected brand as FC Barcelona underlines the groups ambition to always push ourselves to the highest levels of achievement as possible.”

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Juli Guiu, Marketing Area Vice President at FC Barcelona, echoed the sentiments of excitement, foreseeing numerous opportunities in the financial sector throughout the duration of the partnership with EBC Financial Group. She remarked, “This partnership coincides with FC Barcelona’s global expansion plan in recent years, I’m sure that this will help the Club open up a wealth of opportunities in the financial sector through these 3.5 years of partnership with the well-renowned EBC Financial Group.”

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