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CME Group Announces Preliminary Results from its 2024 Annual Shareholder Meeting

CME Group Inc. Announces Preliminary Results from its 2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders


CME Group Inc. today announced the preliminary shareholder voting results from its 2024 annual meeting. 

At the meeting, shareholders:

  • Elected Terrence A. Duffy, Kathryn Benesh, Timothy S. Bitsberger, Charles P. Carey, Bryan T. Durkin, Harold Ford Jr., Martin J. Gepsman, Larry G. Gerdes, Daniel R. Glickman, Daniel G. Kaye, Phyllis M. Lockett, Deborah J. Lucas, Terry L. Savage, Rahael Seifu, William R. Shepard, Howard J. Siegel and Dennis A. Suskind, each for a one-year term expiring in 2025;
  • Ratified the appointment of Ernst & Young LLP as the company’s independent registered public accounting firm for 2024;
  • Approved, on an advisory basis, the compensation of our named executive officers;

There was no quorum in the elections of the Class B-1 directors, Class B-2 directors and the Class B-3 director. As a result, William W. Hobert, Patrick J. Mulchrone and Robert J. Tierney Jr. will holdover as the Class B-1 directors, Michael G. Dennis and Patrick W. Maloney will hold over as the Class B-2 directors and Elizabeth A. Cook will holdover as the Class B-3 director. Each director will continue to serve until his or her successor is duly elected at the 2025 annual meeting.

The official results and voting percentages for each of these proposals will be disclosed in a report to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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