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Deriv Promotes Rakshit Choudhary as Co-Chief Executive Officer

Deriv Promotes Rakshit Choudhary as Co-Chief Executive Officer

Press Release

Deriv, a leading online trading company, has announced the promotion of Rakshit Choudhary, previously serving as the Chief Operating Officer, as the company’s new Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO).

Jean-Yves Sireau, Founder and Co-CEO of Deriv, said: “Rakshit is a great leader with a deep understanding of Deriv’s business, so his move to co-CEO is a natural step forward for us. It is like the synergy you see in pair programming—improved decision-making and better alignment of goals.”

Jean-Yves, Founder at Source: LinkedIn

“Refreshing our leadership model makes us well-positioned to take on the next phase of Deriv’s business, which is focused on expanding globally and engaging more deeply with diverse markets. This dual leadership approach helps keep Deriv innovative and committed to excellent customer service and strong partnerships.”

Choudhary, who brings over fourteen years of experience at Deriv, shared his enthusiasm for his new role as Co-CEO, highlighting the company’s mission to make trading accessible globally while maintaining a focus on innovation, security, and accessibility.

“I have been lucky to be part of Deriv’s incredible growth and evolution for the last 14 years, witnessing first hand its mission to make trading accessible to anyone, anywhere. At the center of this is a focus on staying innovative, secure, and accessible. I look forward to continuing to grow Deriv’s business globally alongside Jean-Yves, as we take the company into another successful 25 years.” Choudhary commented.

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