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Firstrade Unveils AI Investment Research Tool FirstradeGPT

Firstrade Launches AI Investment Research Tool FirstradeGPT


Firstrade has announced the launch of FirstradeGPT, an innovative AI research and analysis tool designed for everyday investors. This new offering aims to provide all clients with access to AI-driven insights, comprehensive research, in-depth analysis, and data visualization.

Developed in partnership with, the all-in-one investment research platform, FirstradeGPT utilizes various generative large language models from unaffiliated firms, including OpenAI. The tool is trained on extensive data related to global equities and business-specific KPIs, enabling investors to make quicker and more informed financial decisions.

“Firstrade has been a true pioneer in this space and is once again pushing innovation forward for the benefit of Firstrade clients,” stated Braden Dennis, CEO of “We are honored to be working with Firstrade to bring this technology to every type of investor.”

Don Montanaro, President of Firstrade, commented,

“AI will rapidly transform the entire investing landscape, and we believe investors will continue to leverage these advancements in their daily trading activities. Our team is excited to lead this adoption curve and will commit to expanding our resources and tools in this arena to further enable our customers to make better, faster, and more informed trading decisions. Our launch of FirstradeGPT underscores our commitment to enhancing AI services for retail traders, and we will relentlessly focus on delivering impactful AI technology in the months ahead.”

This collaboration follows Firstrade’s recent partnership with Trading Central, a provider of investment decision support tools and analysis, further enabling clients to make more informed decisions and smarter trades.

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