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Forex News Economic Calendar Dubai, UAE

Economic Calendar

Keep track of every data point moving markets this week with FX Newsroom’s economic calendar.

Real Time Economic Calendar provided by

How to Use a Forex Economic Calendar

The main use of a forex economic calendar (FX economic calendar) is to understand the upcoming market events and important data releases expected to bring volatility in the markets. In doing so, traders can prepare for these events and adjust their strategies and open positions accordingly.

To get the most out of the economic calendar, you adjust and refine the calendar to only show the events relevant to your trading. For example, you may filter by country, timeframe, volatility significance, and data category (e.g. inflation data, jobs data etc).

Once the FX news calendar is filtered to your preferences, you will see all the major upcoming news and economic events that should significantly shift the global markets. From here, you can identify the date and time of the event, the related country, and the volatility significance. 

Next to this information, you’ll find three important data points for each report-based event – the expected figure, the previous figure, and the actual figure. Each of these figure and how they interlink play a vital role in the overall market reaction once the data is released.

Why Use an FX News Calendar?

There are several benefits to using an economic calendar. First, the FX economic calendar acts as an essential tool for traders, providing a comprehensive overview of upcoming economic events, announcements, and data releases that could impact financial markets. 

Traders can ensure they remain fully informed on scheduled reports such as GDP figures, employment data, central bank announcements, along with other economic indicators.

As a result, traders can anticipate upcoming market moves and adjust their trading strategies accordingly. This proactive approach will help traders mitigate risks, capitalize on potential opportunities, and make well-informed decisions in volatile market conditions.

Economic Calendar Dubai / Economic Calendar UAE

Traders in Dubai and the UAE can enhance their trading performance by utilizing the Economic Calendar. Just make sure to adjust the time on the calendar to GMT+4, aligning with the UAE’s local time and helping you stay informed about upcoming news events and significant data releases.

Note that we use the terms Economic Calendar, Forex Economic Calendar, FX Economic Calendar, Forex News Calendar, and FX News Calendar interchangeably. All of these terms are all common ways of referring to the standard economic calendar.

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