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Hantec Markets Brokerage Arm Announces Record $100 Billion in Monthly Trading Volume

Hantec Markets $100 million monthly trading volume

Hantec Markets Holdings Limited, a global holding firm, has announced that its brokerage arm has exceeded USD 100 billion in monthly trading volume.

In its press release today, the company asserted, “This milestone underscores Hantec’s commitment to furnishing clients with a dependable and efficient trading platform for a diverse array of financial instruments.”

Nader Nurmohamed, Director of Hantec Markets Limited, a subsidiary within the holding entity, remarked, “We’re delighted to declare yet another record-breaking achievement, surpassing $100 billion in monthly trading volume. This success underscores the tireless efforts, dedication, and expertise of our team. We endeavor to deliver traders with the utmost trading experience, and this landmark solidifies our standing as a premier financial markets provider.”

Hantec Markets announces record monthly trading volume. Source: LinkedIn

Hantec offers an array of CFD trading products, encompassing forex, indices, equities, ETFs, and commodities. The firm maintains that its “emphasis on bolstering trading platforms and client support has struck a chord with traders, leading to heightened trading volumes.”

The company remains steadfast in providing traders with superior execution speeds, spreads, and an extensive suite of trading tools. Its endeavors to enrich trading platforms and bolster client support have contributed to the upsurge in trading volumes.

Hantec outlines plans to roll out additional trading tools, broaden its product portfolio, and make further investments in infrastructure to elevate trading experiences for its clientele.

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