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Hantec Markets Introduces Pairs Trading Product for CFD Stocks and Indices

hantec markets trading pairs


Hantec Markets, a global provider of retail CFD trading products, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking Pairs Trading product. This new offering enables clients to trade CFD stocks and indices in pairs, allowing them to gain exposure to two instruments simultaneously. 

The Pairs Trading product features 18 unique pairs, including some of the most sought-after symbols among traders worldwide. Clients can now trade pairs such as Tesla vs. Ford, Microsoft vs. Apple, and Nasdaq 100 vs. Nikkei, providing them with new opportunities to diversify their trading strategies, hedge risks, and capitalize on diverging price trends.

Key features include:

  • Simultaneous exposure to 18 unique CFD pairs, allowing clients to trade two stocks or indices at once.
  • Potential to profit from the relative performance of the two stocks or indices in a pair.
  • Reduced margin requirements compared to opening individual positions for the respective stocks or indices.

Hantec Markets remains dedicated to delivering innovative trading tools and staying at the forefront of product development. The launch of the CFD Pairs Trading product showcases the company’s commitment to enhancing its clients’ trading experience and providing them with new opportunities in the market.

Norayr Djerrahian, Chief Strategy Officer at Hantec Markets, commented, “The introduction of our Pairs Trading product reflects our unwavering commitment to client-focused innovation. By offering CFD Pairs Trading, we empower our clients to seize unique opportunities in financial markets, expand their trading strategies, and pursue their financial objectives. This product launch further underscores our team’s determination to provide our clients with the tools and services they need to maintain a competitive edge in their trading endeavors.”

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