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IG US Rebrands Website as tastyfx

IG US Rebrands Website as tastyfx


In a move to better align with its family of products and enhance the client experience, IG US, a well-known Forex broker, has rebranded as tastyfx. Announced on Monday, this rebranding effort aims to create a more cohesive brand identity for its US-based clients, while maintaining the robust trading platform that users have come to rely on.

Pete Mulmat, CEO of tastyfx, commented on the transition:

“Changing our name to tastyfx marks the beginning of a new chapter for us.” He highlighted that the rebrand is focused on delivering an unmatched forex trading experience, featuring fast technology, zero commissions, and comprehensive customer support.

JJ Kinahan, CEO of IG North America and President of tastytrade, echoed this sentiment, stating, “The tastyfx rebrand is another illustration of how we’re evolving our company identity and our brands, while continuing to offer the fast, easy forex trading experience that our customers love.”

The rebrand involves updates to the company’s website URL, social media handles, email addresses, and mobile app. Clients can now access the new web presence at and are encouraged to update their bookmarks accordingly. The app will also feature the new branding while preserving its essential functions and user data. For more details, visit

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