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Ironlight Group to Create DLT Fintech Trading Ecosystem

ironlight group to create fintech trading ecosystem


Ironlight Group announced plans to launch and operate the premier tokenization, listing, and trading ecosystem for private securities, institutional funds, and financial and real-world assets (RWA), backed by distributed ledger technology (DLT).

The company also named former TD Bank President and CEO Greg Braca as a strategic advisor and board member. He brings 40 years of financial services experience, including TD Bank, which grew to nearly $500 billion in assets and 25,000 employees under his leadership.

CEO Rob McGrath said “Ironlight is in the advanced stages of product development and regulatory compliance and, with tokenization of illiquid assets forecast to reach up to $16 trillion by 2030, the time is now to level the playing field for all investors and asset types.” 

“We’re also excited that a highly accomplished leader like Greg Braca is joining the team. He arrives with four decades of experience and understands the importance of DLT to the future of finance,” he said.  

In collaboration with leading global investment firms, Ironlight intends to:

  • Tokenize typically illiquid private securities, institutional funds, and RWA such as real estate, natural resources, fine art, public infrastructure, and private equity. 
  • Establish a highly regulated ecosystem with a FINRA-regulated broker dealer and an SEC-registered Alternative Trading System (ATS) to offer trading in such securities. The company is awaiting FINRA approval of its broker-dealer application. (Note: there are no existing plans to trade cryptocurrencies on the platform.) 
  • Partner with sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and traditional market makers to curate custom liquidity on the Ironlight ATS.
  • Create an open, protocol-agnostic network to converge unique liquidity, highly regulated market participants and blockchain facilitated workflow.

From the Leaders

President and COO Matt Celebuski: “Our open-architecture platform is designed to create unprecedented opportunities and help investors to capitalize on the fundamental market shift taking place with digital assets. We’re excited to leverage our knowledge and experience to help participants navigate this new world of investing.”

Greg Braca: “I’m passionate about this market opportunity and will lean heavily upon my four decades of banking experience and deep relationships to help Ironlight advance to the forefront of DLT.”

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