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Italy’s Financial Regulator Blocks Vantage, Luno Invest, and Crypto Trade Domains

Italy's Financial Regulator Blocks Vantage, Luno Invest, and Crypto Trade Domains


Italy’s Securities Regulator, Consob, has recently added to its list of prohibited trading websites in the regulator’s ongoing efforts to protect Italian investors. 

This measure excludes potentially harmful platforms in Italy which offer trading products such as forex and CFDs. The current wave of action revealed some domains Luno Invest, Vantage Global Limited, and Capital4it Ltd.

The regulatory agency has been active in trying to stop unapproved online trading services from functioning in Italy. As part of the “Decreto Crescita” law, Consob has the power to order Italian ISPs to block any access to these websites that operate illegally. Since then, a few domains have been blocked to secure local traders from fraud and permissible financial activities.

The move reignites fears around forex, cryptocurrency, and CFD trading in Italy. This regulator’s latest statement is part of a broader action aligned with protecting local investors from potentially harmful or unauthorized trading practices.

In March, the Italian Competition Authority fined the popular online trading platform eToro €1.3 million for deceptive advertising practices, marking the country’s efforts to combat transparency and unfair trading arrangements.

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