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Lion Group Announces AI-Powered Multi-Currency Account Services

Lion Group Announces AI-Powered Multi-Currency Account Services

Lion Group Holding Ltd. (“Lion”), the operator of an all-in-one trading platform offering a wide array of products and services, has officially unveiled its multi-currency trading account services powered by AI technology. The introduction of these new services aims to enhance the value of Lion’s core business products through iterative improvements to its trading systems.

While conventional trades are settled in Hong Kong dollars, Lion’s newly launched multi-currency trading account services will facilitate pricing and settlement in various currencies, including offshore Renminbi and US dollars. The system will dynamically adjust to accommodate different currency accounts, providing users worldwide with a more sophisticated and intelligent investment tool and trading experience.

Advantages of the Multi-Currency Trading Account

The primary advantages of multi-currency trading account services lie in enabling substantial cost savings and greater efficiency for investors. For instance, in the over-the-counter (OTC) stock options segment of the derivatives market, foreign investment in China A-shares often faces the impact of exchange rate fluctuations, which can significantly affect net returns. Leveraging offshore Renminbi settlement in the new trading services can mitigate currency fluctuations, thus enhancing the liquidity and flexibility of client financial strategies.

“Finance, technology, and digitization are the three primary drivers propelling Lion’s advancements in the financial technology sector. Against the backdrop of the ongoing AI wave sweeping across the globe, we believe in actively seizing the industry opportunities brought by AI and infusing AI dynamics into the Company’s core business products and services,” stated Lion CEO Mr. Chunning (Wilson) Wang.

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“The launch of multi-currency trading account services like this will significantly enhance the differentiation competitiveness of corresponding products and bring more incremental profit opportunities. Meanwhile, benefiting from a diversified development strategy, Lion will continue to build a robust and imaginative business ecosystem, provide customers with a better product experience and service, and create meaningful value for shareholders,” Wang added.

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