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Liquidnet Introduces SuperBlock Initiative to Facilitate Large, Illiquid Trades

Liquidnet Introduces SuperBlock Initiative to Facilitate Large, Illiquid Trades

In an effort to bolster its capabilities in block trading, Liquidnet, a specialist in agency execution, has introduced its SuperBlock initiative. The inaugural feature of this initiative, SuperBlock Matching, enables traders to easily indicate interest and participate in particularly large or illiquid block trades.

The SuperBlock initiative aims to harness Liquidnet’s extensive buy-side community and expertise in block trading to establish a secure environment for executing challenging trades. SuperBlock Matching strives to offer Liquidnet’s members a more efficient and user-friendly platform by addressing trades of varying sizes based on market conditions and stock market capitalization.

“SuperBlock is a direct response to a request from our Membership and an extension of our existing block trading offering,” noted Mark Govoni, CEO of Liquidnet.

The rollout of SuperBlock Matching represents the initial phase of a series of planned workflows and services within the SuperBlock initiative, designed to assist Liquidnet’s members in accessing unique liquidity and facilitating their most complex trades with greater ease.

As a provider of global markets infrastructure and data solutions, Liquidnet continues to expand its network, boasting over 1,000 institutional investors managing a combined $33 trillion in equity and fixed-income assets across 49 markets and six continents.

“Fast-forward to today, and we have an efficient environment that we believe will significantly improve opportunities for members to systematically trade very large blocks,” remarked Rob Cranston, Global Head of Equities Product at Liquidnet, crediting Liquidnet Labs, the company’s innovation hub, for the development and testing of SuperBlock Matching.

The technology-driven agency specializing in execution services has made notable advancements in its globally listed derivatives offering. In April, the firm appointed Alex Grinfeld, a former executive director at Morgan Stanley, to co-head its future business in the Americas.

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Towards the previous year’s close, Liquidnet announced a collaboration with BondIT, an investment technology provider, to integrate BondIT’s Scorable Credit Analytics into Liquidnet’s fixed-income trading platform. This integration harnesses data science, explainable AI, and machine learning solutions to augment the platform’s capabilities.

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