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Match-Trade Technologies Terminates Prop Firm SurgeTrader’s License 

Match-Trade Technologies Terminates Prop Firm SurgeTrader's License


Match-Trade Technologies, a prominent technology provider, has terminated Florida-based prop trading firm SurgeTrader’s Match-Trader license. Previously, amid MetaQuotes’ crackdown, several prop firms viewed Match-Trader as a secure alternative and transitioned their services to it.

Following the termination, SurgeTrader has halted the sale of new auditions until the dispute with Match-Trade or until it finds an alternative trading platform to migrate existing accounts. The firm asserts its full compliance.

“Match-Trade’s unilateral decision to terminate our license lacks legal basis,” SurgeTrader stated on its website. “We are not in violation of any contractual obligations.”

SurgeTrader License Termination Announcement: Source: SurgeTrader’s Facebook Page

SurgeTrader contends that it has cooperated fully with its legal team, directors, and owners to address any concerns and unfounded accusations against the company and its founder.

“We chose Match-Trader for our recent migration, expecting them to act honorably and prioritize the best interests of our traders. We apologize for the disruption caused to the global trading community,” SurgeTrader added. – Real-time Forex News and the latest trading updates.

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