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OTC Global Holdings to Offer Advanced Solutions for Crude and Refined Products Trading

OTC Global Holdings Offers Advanced Solutions for Crude and Refined Products Trading

OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH), the world’s largest energy-focused commodity inter-dealer broker, announces its comprehensive offerings designed to provide traders with forward price visibility across various crude and refined product benchmarks.

Traders in over-the-counter (OTC) markets often face challenges due to the lack of a centralized platform to view forward price curves. OTC Global Holdings addresses this issue by offering advanced market intelligence through its proprietary EOXLive platform. This hybrid voice-electronic broking system streamlines execution, reporting, and trade processing, making it easier for brokers and clients to navigate the complexities of crude and refined product trading.

“EOXLive, OTC Global Holdings’ proprietary technology platform comprises multiple components. Not only is it a Broker Execution Platform, but also an innovative Market Data Platform,” said Campbell Faulkner, Senior VP and Lead Analyst at OTCGH. “Unlike other interdealer brokers, EOX looks, acts, and models data like a price reporting agency. That means not only are you guaranteed consistent, reliable data, but also that our brokers have a faster responsiveness, better actionability on matching trades for large and small customers and being able to go back, replay, understand and help those customers execute well in the market,” he added.

OTCGH’s global network spans North America, Europe, and Asia, facilitating end-to-end execution in pipeline, waterborne, synthetic crude, and CFD/DFL swaps. The company provides refined products forwards at 270 locations and products grades, covering key delivery points such as New York, Gulf Coast, Midwest, West Coast, Rotterdam, Northwest Europe, Japan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

With nearly 20 brokerages worldwide, OTCGH offers unparalleled liquidity and a wide array of execution services. The EOXLive platform provides market participants with unique access to commodities markets, advanced pricing tools, and analytics that offer insights into market conditions.

Joe Kelly, President and Co-CEO of OTC Global Holdings said, “OTCGH’s focus on brokering commodities ensures clients receive end-to-end support in trading without assuming any risk. The company’s capabilities extend across all aspects of a trade, including data, execution, freight, and shipping. OTCGH’s dedication to providing a seamless trading experience makes it the only end-to-end commodity brokerage in the world.”

More than 500 institutional clients benefit from OTCGH’s services, transacting in hundreds of crude and refined product delivery points across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

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