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Prop-Firm AquaFunded to Unveil Match-Trade in Response to Regulatory Changes

Prop-Firm AquaFunded to Unveil Match-Trade in Response to Regulatory Changes


AquaFunded, a proprietary trading firm headquartered in the UAE, announced on Wednesday its upcoming launch of Match-Trade. Currently, AquaFunded has integrated with three prominent trading platforms: cTrader, DXtrade, and Tradelocker.

In February of this year, AquaFunded, along with several other prop trading firms, encountered regulatory challenges in the US prop trading industry and licensing restrictions from MetaQuotes, the developer of MT4 and MT5.

Consequently, AquaFunded halted new registrations from the US and plans to migrate customer accounts from MT4/5 to the DX Trade platform for enhanced operational stability.

However, some prop trading firms have been unable to navigate these obstacles. This week, Hungarian prop trading platform True Forex Funds announced the permanent cessation of its operations.

Despite such closures, the prop trading sector remains attractive to new entrants. IC Markets, for instance, is currently testing its own prop trading platform, Additionally, a former senior executive at Spotware Systems, the creator of the popular cTrader trading platform, launched a new brand in the prop trading space in March.

Earlier this year, OANDA and Hantec Group also introduced their proprietary trading programs, aiming to expand their presence in this industry. – Real-time Forex News and the latest trading updates.

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