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Prop Trading Firm The Funded Trader Announces ‘Restructuring,’ Relocation to the Cayman Islands

the funded trader cayman islands


The Funded Trader (TFT), a Miami-based prop trading firm has announced an imminent business restructuring and relocation to the Cayman Islands.

In a newsletter addressed to clients, TFT stated, “The Funded Trader LLC, headquartered in the USA, is currently in the process of transitioning its operations to an entity located in the Cayman Islands. This transition will result in a change in the ownership structure and the operational location of the company.”

IMAGE: The Funded Trader announces relocation to the Cayman Islands via X

However, the company did not specify whether its ownership remains unchanged or if Easton Consulting Technologies had divested the business.

The Funded Trader recently raised alarms across the industry when the prop trading firm suddenly halted payouts and temporarily suspended services for three weeks. TFT cited the pause in its operations being due to the need for a ‘self-imposed internal audit’ amid a series of challenges.

Now in the story’s latest twist, the firm is currently in the process of relocating its headquarters from the United States to the Cayman Islands.

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