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Public Acquires TradeApp Investment From Stocktwits

Public Acquires Stocktwits' TradeApp

Investment platform Public has recently finalised an agreement to acquire the TradeApp investment accounts from Stocktwits.

Stocktwits, on the other hand, will maintain its focus on fostering community engagement and facilitating real-time discussions concerning earnings and cryptocurrency offerings. With the impending acquisition, a significant number of Stocktwits brokerage customers will seamlessly transition to the Public investing platform, integrating into the larger Public community.

Stephen Sikes, COO of Public, expressed his anticipation about the acquisition, stating, “Following the successful launch of bonds, a high-yield cash account, and options trading, Public’s platform has proven itself to be a preferred choice for many investors. We eagerly anticipate extending the full spectrum of our platform offerings to Stocktwits customers.” Sikes emphasized the shared objectives and synergies between the two platforms, portraying excitement about the forthcoming collaboration.

Howard Lindzon, Co-Founder and CEO of Stocktwits, underscored the platform’s commitment to enhancing its core social and community features and real-time discussions, particularly regarding earnings events. He reiterated Stocktwits’ commitment to providing valuable data and news, as well as facilitating discussions within the emerging landscape of cryptocurrency trading.

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The acquisition, slated to be finalized in approximately 30 days, will see Public partnering with Stocktwits on community outreach initiatives and Howard Lindzon’s new show, “Trends with Friends.” This collaboration aims to demonstrate how members interested in the stock market can seamlessly access high-yield accounts or invest in equities—all within a unified platform.

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