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Public Launches Fractional Bond Trading on its Online Trading Platform

Public Launches Fractional Bond Trading on Online Trading Platform


Public, a US-based multi-asset investing platform, has revealed on Monday the rollout of fractional bond investing to all its members, alongside real-time fractional trading for equities.

The company asserts its pioneering status, stating, “We’re proud to be the only place where you can invest in a variety of corporate and Treasury bonds for as little as $100,” emphasizing its claim as the first to offer real-time trading of fractional stocks and ETFs.

As per the announcement, the bond investing service is accessible via both the mobile app and web platform. Additionally, Public has introduced new features, such as an AI-powered bond search and a user-friendly screener.

In elaborating on the bond experience on Public, the company emphasizes certain priorities: “It had to be mobile-friendly, intuitively designed, and focused on discoverability to help new bond investors navigate fixed income for the first time. And just like we pioneered real-time fractional investing of equities, we imagined a world where you could invest in bonds for almost any dollar amount, just like you do with stocks.”

Currently, Public offers over 100 fractional bonds, with plans to expand its offerings in the future.

Back in April, FX Newsroom reported that Public has recently finalised an agreement to acquire the TradeApp investment accounts from Stocktwits, aiming to extend the full spectrum of its platform offering. – Real-time Forex News and the latest trading updates.

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