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Robinhood Announces Integration with TipRanks 

robinhood integrates with tipranks


Financial services platform, Robinhood Markets Inc, today revealed a collaboration with TipRanks, a provider of investment research tools. This joint effort aims to equip Robinhood’s users with TipRanks’ data-driven tools, thus broadening their comprehension of market dynamics.

TipRanks seeks to empower everyday investors with insights into stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. The integration will include TipRanks’ News, Hedge Fund Activity, and Insider Trading tools into Robinhood’s platform, augmenting users’ decision-making processes with additional data points.

TipRanks News provides a variety of content encompassing market developments and company analyses, catering to both well-known entities and lesser-known stocks. The Hedge Fund Activity tool delves into hedge funds’ portfolios to discern trends, furnishing investors with strategic insights. Moreover, the Insider Trading Tool monitors transactions executed by industry insiders, offering perspectives on market movements.

Uri Gruenbaum, the CEO of TipRanks, commented, “We are delighted to partner with Robinhood, a globally recognized industry leader committed to providing everyone with the opportunity to invest. TipRanks’ investment research tools are crafted to level the playing field for all investors, and we are excited by this opportunity to reach millions more users through this partnership.”

In other recent news, Freetrade, a British-based rival to Robinhood, posted its first quarterly profit following full-year financial losses in 2023, according to a report published by CNBC.

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