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Robinhood Unveils Crypto Trading API for US Customers 

Robinhood Launches Robinhood Crypto Trading API for U.S. Customers


Robinhood Crypto, the cryptocurrency arm of the American stock trading firm Robinhood, has revealed the introduction of the Robinhood Crypto trading API for its clientele in the United States, as announced on Thursday (May 30). This fresh API rollout empowers users to access and assess cryptocurrency market data, handle their portfolios and account details, and execute cryptocurrency orders programmatically.

Johann Kerbrat, VP and GM of Robinhood Crypto, remarked, “With our new crypto trading API, we’re assisting customers in unlocking the full potential of Robinhood Crypto with precision and confidence. Robinhood Crypto has seen a continuous rise in its market share as customers gain access to an expanding array of advanced trading tools to efficiently navigate the crypto market.”

As per the announcement, through the utilization of the trading API, Robinhood Crypto clients in the US can establish advanced and automated trading strategies to keep pace with market trends and respond promptly to significant market shifts. Furthermore, the API streamlines cryptocurrency trading by enabling users to execute trades without the necessity of opening the app.

Earlier this month, Robinhood Crypto introduced various new features in the EU, including crypto staking, localized applications, and educational resources. – Real-time Forex News and the latest trading updates.

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