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Top 8 Forex News Websites in the World

Top 8 Forex News Websites in the World


For forex traders and finance industry professionals, staying informed about market trends, broker news, and the latest executives moves is a must. With a number of online news sources available, accessing reliable and up-to-date forex and CFD industry news has never been easier. Here, we present the top 8 of the world’s top forex news websites that provide comprehensive coverage of the industry along with insightful analysis and valuable insights into the world of online trading, forex and CFDs. 

Top Forex and CFD Brokers

1. FX Newsroom

As a leading authority in Forex trading news, FX Newsroom offers a wealth of information tailored to traders and forex industry professionals in Dubai, UAE and worldwide. From breaking news updates to in-depth forex education, FX Newsroom is the go-to destination for forex trading enthusiasts seeking timely and relevant information related to the industry.

In addition, FX Newsroom offers invaluable features for traders around the globe, including a detailed economic calendar and online trading broker reviews to help traders make the best-informed decisions when choosing a broker.


ZAWYA, a prominent financial news platform in the Middle East, provides extensive coverage of the forex industry, economic news and geopolitical developments. With a focus on the Gulf region and beyond, ZAWYA delivers comprehensive insights and analysis to help traders navigate the financial world.

3. Finance Magnates

Finance Magnates is a global hub for financial news, analysis, and insights, catering to professionals and retail traders alike. With dedicated sections covering forex, cryptocurrencies, and more, Finance Magnates offers a diverse range of content, including market updates, industry trends, and expert opinions from leading analysts and industry insiders.

4. Fazacco

Fazacco is a trusted source for forex news and analysis, offering a user-friendly platform for traders and industry stakeholders to access real-time market news. With a focus on delivering actionable insights and educational resources, Fazacco empowers traders with daily news bringing a behind-the-scenes view into the industry.

5. FX News Group

FX News Group is a prominent platform known for its coverage of the Forex industry, providing insights across various segments of the industry, including retail FX, institutional FX, executive moves, and regulatory developments. FX News Group helps keep traders and industry professionals informed about the latest trends, market dynamics, and regulatory changes shaping the forex landscape.

6. LiquidityFinder

LiquidityFinder is a solid resource for Forex traders seeking information on liquidity providers, trading platforms, and a variety of brokers. With comprehensive profiles of liquidity providers and industry news updates, LiquidityFinder serves as a one-stop destination for those looking to develop their industry knowledge and find top liquidity solutions.

7. Finance Feeds

Finance Feeds is a comprehensive source for forex industry news, catering to retail FX traders, brokers, and industry professionals. Known for its high volume of news releases covering the latest developments in the retail FX sector, Finance Feeds offers insights into broker activities, regulatory changes, and industry partnerships. Moreover, Finance Feeds provides in-depth market analysis, including fundamental and technical analysis, to help traders navigate the ever-changing Forex landscape with confidence.

8. BrokersView

For traders seeking broker-related information and reviews, BrokersView is a solid resource. With a focus on broker reviews and comparisons, BrokersView features a wide range of brokers, accompanied by its own ranking system to help traders make informed decisions when choosing a brokerage. Additionally, BrokersView dedicates a section to exposing scams and fraudulent activities in the Forex and CFD industry, empowering traders to avoid potential pitfalls and safeguard their investments.


To conclude, the top forex news websites mentioned above provide valuable resources and insights to help you and get a behind-the-scenes look into the forex trading industry. Whether you’re a forex trader or industry professional, each of these platforms offer unique tools and information to keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to catching up on the latest industry developments. – Real-time Forex News and the latest trading updates.

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