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Top-Tier Athletes Including Anthony Joshua to Compete in FlowBank’s 2024 Trading Competition

Top-tier athletes unite once more for the highly anticipated FlowBank Championship


FlowBank, the innovative Swiss online bank, proudly unveils its lineup for the second edition of the FlowBank Championship. Leading figures including Anthony Joshua, Israel Adesanya, Antoine Dupont, Ana Marković, Esteban Ocon, and Peter Sagan are set to compete in this distinctive online trading competition scheduled from May 1 to May 31, 2024.

Following the resounding success of the inaugural 2023 FlowBank Championship, these sports icons are eager to showcase their trading skills and highlight the accessibility of financial markets to their fans and online communities.

Charles Henri Sabet, founder of FlowBank, expressed his excitement for the event’s return, stating, “The remarkable engagement we witnessed last year underscores the triumph of this initiative. It not only drew significant attention to the parallels between sporting excellence and trading but also underscored the importance of financial literacy. Elevating the competition in its second year was a natural progression for us.”

In an exciting development, Alexander Zverev, FlowBank ambassador and third-place finisher in the inaugural edition, will take on a mentorship role. “Transitioning from competitor to mentor is invigorating. Having navigated the challenges these athletes will encounter in this competition, I eagerly anticipate sharing my insights and guiding this year’s exceptional group of athletes,” Alexander Zverev remarked.

Throughout the championship, FlowBank will provide athletes with tools, platforms, and resources to deepen their understanding of financial markets as they compete for the title of top trader on a virtual portfolio.

Simultaneously, the FlowBank community will gain unprecedented access to the athletes’ trading strategies, with opportunities to enhance their financial literacy through tailored educational content, including podcasts and comprehensive articles.

“The FlowBank Championship is more than a competition; it underscores our dedication to democratizing access to financial markets, nurturing an informed and engaged community,” concluded Charles Henri Sabet.

The FlowBank Championship will also feature insights from longstanding FlowBank ambassador Severin Lüthi and tennis legend Martina Hingis, with Hingis providing commentary and analysis in a weekly podcast throughout the competition.

Beyond the FlowBank Championship, FlowBank remains the primary sponsor of Swiss Tennis, Swiss Ice Hockey, and the Gonet Geneva Open, reinforcing its steadfast support for Swiss sports across all levels and bolstering its sponsorship portfolio.

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