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Trading 212 Integrates with Paynetics to Enhance Multi-Currency Transactions

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Trading 212, an FCA-regulated online trading provider, is teaming up with Paynetics, a European embedded finance provider, to integrate multi-currency accounts and card payments into its trading services.

In its ongoing expansion efforts, Trading 212 will utilize the Paynetics infrastructure to enable its customers to use their account balance for everyday spending without the need to cash out.

Paynetics’ embedded finance technology allows Trading 212 to introduce this new card product to its customers, providing them with more extensive access to financial services through a single app.

Ivo Gueorguiev, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Paynetics, remarked, “Trading 212’s innovative technology condenses a complex world into a simple and accessible app available in people’s pockets. By using Paynetics’ infrastructure, Trading 212 will be able to continue empowering investors with the ability to scale their trading globally. We look forward to working with Trading 212 as it disrupts the stock market.”

With a portfolio of over 115 embedded finance clients, Paynetics enables customers to develop, implement, and manage financial products, driving innovation, fostering financial inclusion, and enhancing social impact through advanced payment infrastructure.

Kaloyan Yanchev, Head of Payments at Trading 212, also stated, “Democratizing savings and investments is something that we’re very passionate about, and this partnership allows us to enhance the capabilities of our commission-free platform for our customers.”

Based in London, Trading 212 offers regulated investment services, savings, and active trading in global financial markets. The app aims to make savings and investments accessible to everyone by providing an easy-to-use yet powerful investment platform.

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