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TradingView and FYERS Enhance Partnership with Options Trading Integration

TradingView and FYERS Enhance Partnership with Options Trading Integration fx newsroom


TradingView, a leading global platform for trading and analysis tools, has deepened its collaboration with FYERS by incorporating options trading capabilities within their broker integration.

FYERS, a fintech startup established in 2016 and based in Bengaluru, offers a comprehensive platform for trading in the Indian stock markets. As an integrated broker and partner of major Indian exchanges on TradingView, FYERS facilitates trading of stocks, futures, commodities, and mutual funds on NSE, MCX, and BSE through the TradingView platform.

In an announcement released on Tuesday, TradingView unveiled the integration of FYERS’s options trading features into its existing offerings. “Getting started is simple. Head to the trading panel, find the FYERS icon and log in with your brokerage credentials,” TradingView explained.

The integration comes after TradingView recently launched a new tool for options strategy building, aiming to enhance user trading experiences by providing an advanced options strategy builder capable of modeling strategies. Additionally, TradingView has also built up its integrations with Indian-based brokers, partnering with Motilal Oswal Financial Services last month.

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