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TradingView Launches New Tool for Options Strategy Building

TradingView Launches New Tool for Options Strategy Building


TradingView, the premier global platform for traders and charting tools, has unveiled its latest innovation, TradingView Options (Beta). This tool aims to enhance user trading experiences by providing an advanced options strategy builder capable of modeling strategies across various complexity levels.

With TradingView Options, traders can create options spreads (strategies) effortlessly. As outlined in the press release, users can begin with a default handbook featuring standard option strategies, categorized by strategy type – bullish, bearish, or neutral. Furthermore, essential parameters like expiration dates, spread leg strikes, and contract quantities can be easily adjusted directly on the chart.

The tool also facilitates custom strategies, allowing traders to incorporate multiple positions and tailor parameters to align with their specific trading objectives. Additionally, traders can compare multiple strategies on a single chart, offering a comprehensive overview of potential outcomes.

In addition to strategy creation, TradingView Options grants access to raw option quotes and crucial metrics such as volatility and Greeks through the Chain and Volatility tabs. This empowers traders with a deeper understanding of market dynamics and the potential risks associated with options trading.

At present, TradingView Options supports option contracts from prominent exchanges including CME, NYMEX, COMEX, CBOT, NSE, and BSE, with plans for further expansion to include additional exchanges in the future.

TradingView remains committed to introducing new features and broadening its partner network. Recently, the platform announced its integration with Motilal Oswal Financial Services, an esteemed Indian financial services company, thereby expanding trading opportunities for Indian users.

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