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True Forex Funds Upgrade Offering with Match-Trader and cTrader Platforms

True Forex Funds Upgrade Offering with Match-Trader and cTrader Platforms

Proprietary trading firm True Forex Funds has recently unveiled the launch of Match-Trader, a multi-asset trading platform developed by California-based FX technology provider Match-Trade Technologies.

True Forex Funds has announced that Match-Trader, positioned as a secondary trading platform, is now accessible in specific countries, including Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Hungary.

Match-Trade’s straightforward competitive fee structure empowers forex brokers to effectively manage and anticipate their technology expenses. The company’s comprehensive offering caters to a spectrum of brokers’ requirements, spanning hosting services, MT white label solutions, data feed provision, bridge and aggregation technology, as well as risk management systems for A Book and B Book brokers.

Among Match-Trade’s portfolio is a cryptocurrency solution tailored for FX brokers and crypto exchanges, which the company asserts has become one of its most sought-after offerings. The platform offers versatile reporting tools in real-time, with the capability for ad-hoc report creation, all accessible through an interactive web interface.

In February, True Forex Funds celebrated a successful reentry into the market following its transition of trading accounts to the cTrader platform.

This shift occurred more than two weeks after the firm announced a temporary suspension of its services, prompted by MetaQuotes terminating True Forex Funds’ licenses. Richard Nagy, CEO of True Forex Funds, had previously elucidated that MetaQuotes’ decision stemmed from the firm’s use of a third-party provider for equity synchronization. The third-party provider, engaged since 2021, purportedly interfaced with MetaTrader’s client terminal in a manner deemed unsatisfactory by MetaQuotes.

Expressing dismay over the suddenness of MetaQuotes’ action, Nagy underscored the lack of prior warnings or opportunities to rectify the situation. He highlighted the inherent challenge in scrutinizing a partner’s or supplier’s source code for legitimacy, a point central to MetaQuotes’ objection.

Despite active efforts to persuade MetaQuotes to reinstate their licenses, True Forex Funds ultimately transitioned its trading accounts to alternative technology providers, following unsuccessful attempts at resolution.

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