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Vantage Markets Collaborates with NEOM McLaren Extreme E Driver, Cristina Gutiérrez for Mothers Day

Vantage Markets Collaborates with NEOM McLaren Extreme E Driver, Cristina Gutiérrez for Mothers Day


Vantage Markets (“Vantage”), a leading multi-asset broker, proudly joins in celebrating Mother’s Day alongside NEOM McLaren Extreme E Driver, Cristina Gutiérrez. This special occasion not only celebrates the profound bond between mothers and their children but also underscores the unwavering family support and strong family values that have been the cornerstone of Cristina’s illustrious career.

This collaboration comes after Vantage Markets recently introduced The Vantage Markets Podcast, the latest extension of Vantage Academy, designed to support traders from novice to expert levels.

In an exclusive interview with Vantage, Cristina attributes her championship journey to the values instilled by her mother. “Perseverance, loyalty, and the importance of family,” she shares, reflecting on the fundamental principles that have guided her success both on and off the track.

Recalling cherished memories with her mother, Cristina shares a poignant moment from her first Dakar Rally experience in 2017. “The most intense memory was when I went to my first Dakar in 2017,” she shares. “My mother came with me to the Dakar, and the fact of finishing it was very exciting for me but for my entire family, especially for her. It was something that I will never forget because we all shared it together.”

Despite her remarkable achievements in motorsport, Cristina Gutiérrez continues to hold her mother’s guidance and wisdom close to her heart. “May she always remind me of where I come from, of my beginnings, and may I always be grateful for the things that happen to me,” says Cristina.

This Mother’s Day, Vantage would like to extend its warmest wishes to all mothers and their families. “We are honoured to celebrate Mother’s Day with Cristina Gutiérrez,” says Marc Despallieres, Chief Strategy and Trading Officer at Vantage. “Her journey is a testament to the unwavering support and guidance of mothers everywhere, and as sons and daughters, fathers and mothers ourselves, we are proud to share in this celebration with her.”

This celebration follows Vantage Markets’ recent International Women’s Day campaign with Cristina Gutiérrez, where they amplified her message of empowerment and inclusion. As Vantage continues to champion diversity and inclusion, they are proud to support Cristina and mothers worldwide.

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