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XTB Stock Price Reaches New Historical Highs Following Record Dividend Announcement

XTB Stock Price Reaches New Historical Highs


XTB Shares hit a new historical high this week after the Management Board of the publicly-traded broker XTB announced that it recommends paying a dividend of over PLN 590 million ($146 million) per share, which is historically the highest portion of profit distributed among shareholders.

According to information published by the company this week, the Management Board of XTB adopted a resolution recommending the allocation of 75% of the company’s net profit for 2023, amounting to PLN 787 million ($195 million), for dividend payment. The remaining part, PLN 197 million ($49 million), will supplement the company’s reserve capital.

XTB Share Price Record High. Source: TradingView

“The Management Board of XTB proposes a dividend record date of 5 June 2024 and a dividend payment date of 20 June 2024,” the XTB statement read.

This means that XTB will pay PLN 5.02 ($1.24) per share, which gives a dividend yield of 7.2%. However, this yield is lower than in the previous year due to the strong increase in the share price on the WSE.

XTB’s shares grew by nearly 22% last year and are already growing over 60% this year. The information about the dividend payment triggered another growth impulse, and on Wednesday, the shares briefly gained almost 2%, setting a new historical high at PLN 62.30.

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