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BaFin Investigates Unauthorized Firms JPM Broker and HighTrustCapital

BaFin Investigates Unauthorized Operations of JPM Broker and HighTrustCapital


The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has launched an investigation into the website operators and, issuing a consumer warning about these entities.

BaFin suspects that the unidentified operators behind are providing financial and investment services without the necessary authorization.

Operating under the name JPM Broker, the website claims to offer various financial instruments and lists its registered office in the United Kingdom. However, JPM Broker is not under BaFin’s supervision.

Additionally, BaFin has received information indicating that HighTrustCapital is offering financial services via without the required authorization. This company is also not supervised by BaFin.

In Germany, entities engaging in banking or offering financial and investment services must have authorization from BaFin. However, some companies provide these services without proper authorization.

BaFin’s database of companies can be consulted to verify whether a specific company has received the necessary authorization.

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