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CFI Takes Center Stage as FIBA WASL Presenting Partner



CFI, the region’s premier brokerage firm, has significantly expanded its collaboration with the FIBA West Asia Super League (FIBA WASL), securing a landmark deal with eVulpa LLC, the exclusive FIBA WASL rights holder, as the League’s Presenting Partner.

Building on the success of their partnership during the FIBA WASL 2023/2024 Final 8 competition, CFI is now set to play a key role in the League’s future seasons. This partnership will see CFI supporting 18 teams across 96 games in 11 cities, consisting of Champion Clubs from West Asia and Gulf regions, in addition to representatives from South and Central Asia, amplifying its impact and reach across these regions.

Hisham Mansour, Co-founder and Managing Director of CFI, commented,

“At CFI, we are committed to empowering sports and fostering excellence, which are core aspects of our corporate ethos. This sponsorship not only boosts our brand visibility but also aligns with our values of promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and community engagement. We are thrilled to support the FIBA WASL competition from start to finish and look forward to the dynamic seasons ahead.”

As part of the sponsorship, CFI will benefit from extensive branding rights throughout the competition, including prominent visibility through TV exposure, on-court LED screen displays and stickers, court-side advertising boards, media backdrops, and more. Moreover, the partnership offers unique engagement opportunities. For example, CFI will participate in the FIBA WASL trophy tour and organize meet-and-greet sessions with FIBA WASL star players. These events will allow the team to celebrate their achievements and inspire the CFI community.

Marwan Hayek, Chairman and CEO of eVulpa, the exclusive commercial rights holder of FIBA WASL commented,

“Partnering with CFI for the long term is a testament to our shared vision of promoting excellence and innovation in sports. CFI’s support enhances the League’s reach and visibility, and ensures longevity and sustainable goals. We are excited to start seeing the positive impact of this collaboration on the League.”

The 2024/2025 season of FIBA WASL kicks off in October, and CFI is eager to embark on this journey from the outset. The group looks forward to a remarkable extended partnership that seamlessly blends sports and financial innovation.

This partnership with FIBA WASL not only underscores CFI’s commitment to excellence but also highlights its role in fostering growth and innovation in both the worlds of finance and elite sports.

About CFI

CFI Financial Group is MENA’s Leading Broker with over 25+ years of experience, leading the field with the highest number of regulated entities and regional offices, including key locations such as London, Dubai, Larnaca, Beirut, Amman, and Cairo. Specializing in online trading services across a wide range of markets, including equities, currencies, and commodities, CFI offers highly competitive trading conditions, including zero-pip spreads and no commission fees. The company is a pioneer in incorporating AI into trading and developing advanced tools and applications. CFI strongly supports elite sports, forming partnerships with prominent sports organizations such as AC Milan and FIBA WASL. In addition, CFI actively participates in various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in the communities where it operates. 

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