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Tastytrade Announces Exclusive Partnership with Unusual Whales for Options Trading

Tastytrade Announces Exclusive Partnership with Unusual Whales for Options Trading

Online trading broker Tastytrade has forged a partnership with Unusual Whales, an options trading platform, allowing users of the Unusual Whales’ Options Flow platform direct access to options trading through Tastytrade’s accounts.

Scott Sheridan, CEO of Tastytrade, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We’re huge fans of Unusual Whales and the transparency they bring to the markets, enabling traders to make informed decisions.” The integration of Tastytrade’s tools into the Unusual Whales platform is geared towards providing traders with valuable trading insights.

In recent developments, Tastytrade inaugurated a new 35,000-square-foot office space and studios in Chicago, coupled with a pledge to invest $600,000 in the Greenwood Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting diversity in finance.

JJ Kinahan, CEO of IG North America and President of Tastytrade, underscored the significance of driving positive change through such initiatives. By supporting the Greenwood Project, Tastytrade aims to empower talented Black and Latino students, contributing to a more inclusive financial services industry.

In 2021, IG Group acquired Tastytrade, bolstering its presence in the retail options and futures market and paving the way for its foray into the US retail trading market.

Following the acquisition, Tastytrade, now under the IG Group umbrella, has diversified its offerings to encompass a wide range of trading options tailored for retail investors. The firm witnessed a notable upswing in revenue from its US operations in FY23, underscoring its growth trajectory in the financial market.

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Furthermore, IG Group’s American division has joined the Futures Industry Association, a move aimed at extending its footprint in the lucrative US market. This strategic initiative reflects the group’s commitment to forging international partnerships and solidifying its position in the financial trading landscape.

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