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Tickmill Co-Founder Ingmar Mattus Launches MetroTrade: A New US Futures Introducing Brokerage

Tickmill Co-Founder Ingmar Mattus Launches MetroTrade: A New US Futures Introducing Brokerage

Ingmar Mattus, Co-founder of Tickmill, has announced the launch of MetroTrade, with the aim of revolutionizing futures and options trading for retail clients in the US. Headquartered in Chicago, MetroTrade has successfully registered with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as an introducing broker and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). This regulatory green light represents a significant milestone for Mattus, fulfilling his long standing aspiration of establishing a business in the US.

As per the announcement made yesterday, MetroTrade has recently secured registration with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as an introducing broker and has become a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). Mattus has now elaborated on the future plans of the introducing broker.

Mattus Launches MetroTrade: US Futures and Options Brokerage

Mattus, in collaboration with Co-Founder David Klotz and dedicated teams in Europe and North America, is spearheading the establishment of a new venture in the USA. He expressed his ambition to transform the US retail futures market by leveraging new technology and responding to customer demands.

“Dave’s extensive experience in the futures industry complements my background of co-founding and expanding Tickmill into a global retail brokerage with licenses in six major financial centers and 100,000 clients,” Mattus commented today on his LinkedIn profile. “We’re excited about the opportunity to collaborate with our talented team to achieve success.”

Although MetroTrade is in its nascent stage, it harbors ambitious plans to forge partnerships with key industry players, including CME Group, regulated financial entities, and introducing brokers, thereby influencing the evolution of the futures industry in the USA.

Backed by Andromeda Capital Partners Suisse, a Swiss private equity firm also led by Mattus and recognized for investing in innovative fintech companies like AgenaTrader, TradersYard, and Change Securities, MetroTrade is poised to make a significant impact on the financial landscape.

“With support from Andromeda’s extensive portfolio of fintech ventures, MetroTrade is well-positioned to drive substantial change in the financial sector,” remarked the Co-Founder of MetroTrade.

The company is slated to unveil its platform this summer and is presently bolstering its team across various departments, including customer support, technology, and finance. As MetroTrade gears up for its launch, it invites prospective clients to join its waiting list for early access to the platform and its features.

“Retail traders deserve a range of options for their brokerage needs, and we are eager to meet and surpass those expectations,” concluded Klotz.

This latest business maneuver by Mattus follows his acquisition of a 51% stake in the Amsterdam-based fintech company Change in September. Aligned with his foray into the US market and the acquisition of a European tech firm, these strategic moves were executed in collaboration with Andromeda Capital Partners Suisse, a separate business entity established by the Tickmill founder, dedicated to acquiring and expanding innovative companies.

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From CFDs to Futures

Mattus’s strategic shift appears deliberate, particularly in light of the recent findings published by Acuiti regarding companies transitioning from the CFD sector to alternative instruments such as futures and options. This transition is believed to be prompted by regulatory impacts.

According to the survey, over 50 percent of European retail brokers aspire to offer futures and options as alternatives to retail over-the-counter instruments like CFDs. Furthermore, disruptions in the prop trading industry have catalyzed the emergence of futures prop trading platforms.

Moreover, the survey indicates that 77 percent of European retail brokers are eyeing expansion into other regions, anticipating widespread regulatory restrictions across the continent. Additionally, 69 percent of respondents express interest in venturing into institutional markets.

These findings underscore how the evolving regulatory landscape is compelling brokers to adapt their offerings and explore new markets to sustain competitiveness and ensure long-term growth.

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