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UAE Enforces New Telemarketing Regulations with Fines Up to Dhs 150,000

uae ministry of finance


Effective mid-August 2024, the UAE’s Ministry of Economy and the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) have announced a new resolution to regulate marketing through phone calls. These measures aim to curb intrusive telemarketing practices and ensure consumer privacy.

The regulations apply to all licensed firms operating in the UAE, including online trading brokers, banking services, and other financial institutions.

The newly introduced rules stipulate severe penalties for violations, including fines up to Dh150,000, warnings, and the possibility of partial or total suspension of activities. Sanctions may also include the cancellation of licenses and denial of telecommunication services within the UAE for up to one year.

The Ministry of Economy will oversee the implementation of these resolutions, coordinating with the TDRA, the Central Bank of the UAE, the Securities and Commodities Authority, local licensing authorities, and relevant entities according to their jurisdiction.

The resolutions aim to regulate the marketing of products and services via telemarketing to maintain economic and social stability. They ensure that companies adhere to appropriate channels and times for marketing, reduce unwanted marketing phone calls, and respect consumer privacy. – Real-time Forex News and the latest trading updates.

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